Most job applicants have faced a job interview at some point in their lives. Sometimes we face interviews more than one time, and certain rules apply during the interview. This article will discuss the top 10 things to do and not do in an interview.

Things To Do In An Interview 

Do complete research. Please do whatever you can to learn about the company and its services before entering the interview.

Dress up properly. Appearance matters! When you go for an interview, try to dress as appropriately as possible. Keep in mind that some businesses do not require a suit and tie or dress or pantsuit. Even so, be sure not to go dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.

Wait for this patience. Sit with confidence in the waiting area and wait your turn with patience.

Always answer/ questions positively. Try to give positive answers even if you face negative questions and taunting smiles. Don’t talk about the things that you cannot do.

Go with proper preparation. You should read the job description before the interview and prepare yourself accordingly.

Ask questions. Prepare some questions regarding your job description and ask them to show your passion. Also, ask about the company’s culture to ensure the job will be a good fit for you and the organization.

Take extra resumes. Always bring additional resumes to the interview with you since you don’t know how many you’ll need to distribute.

Show a good non-verbal attitude. Sit with open body posture and look interested in getting hired.

Speak with liveliness. As previously mentioned, demonstrate that you are fully concerned about the situation. Speak with full effectiveness.

Write a thank-you note. It is proper to write a thank you note to the interviewer whether you get the job or not.

Things Not To Do In An Interview 

Do not go unprepared. Keep one thing in your mind that you do not want to go to an interview ill-equipped. Take some time to find out about the company and the position you’re looking to fill.

Do not be late. Do not attend an interview late. It is better to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the job interview than to show up late.

Do not leave your phone on. Leaving your phone on is distracting and could be considered rude. If your phone rings during a job interview, it could disqualify you for the position.

Don’t sit down before requested. Do not try to sit down before the interviewer ask you to sit. It is good business etiquette not to sit down until you’ve been invited or shown to your chair.

Don’t slouch while you sit. Do not sit slumped in your seat as you wait in the lounge or conference area. Position yourself straight up. Sitting up-right not only expresses a sense of professionalism but may improve your self-confidence.

Don’t talk too much. During the interview, try not to talk too much and be honest with your answers.

Don’t talk about money. Don’t talk about money in the first meeting unless you are requested.

Do not mumble. Always try to make eye contact with a straight head.

Do not talk about past jobs. Do not talk about your past experiences in a bad way. Try to speak less about past experiences unless they relate to the position you’re interviewing for, or it helps strengthen your position.

Do not limit the questions. Do not tell the interviewer that you do not have any questions. Always have a few questions to ask.

I hope these tips have been helpful.  Stay Tuned for next month’s blog.