Ultimate Recruitment is here to help you with your employment needs. With decades of Recruitment under our belt, we have worked with some of the most reputable companies across Alberta. We facilitate the perfect match for you regardless of the position level from temporary, contract, and full-time employment. At Ultimate, we identify qualified people, screen the candidates, and provide support to the employer during your new hire selection process. We can take the grunt work out of your human resources. Here is what we offer:

  1. Comprehensive screening and successful completion of any placement guarantee period
  2. We tailor our approach to your needs
  3. Our in-depth screening process ensures that only candidates with a high likelihood of success are submitted to open roles (this allows our partners to maximize their time)
  4. We look at each candidates’ skills, backgrounds, and qualifications to establish potential suitability
  5. We go into the candidate’s employment history in-depth, review their achievements and skills to make sure there is a match
  6. To ensure a smooth transition for the employer and the new employee, and we tailor our services as required by our clients to deliver a stress-free, efficient placement process from start to finish